(Update) Freshers’ Day Winter Semester 2020/2021

On October 30th, 2020 10:00–16:00 the Fachschaft hosts a Digital Freshers’ Day for all Computational Linguistics freshmen (Bachelor or Master). As part of this event, the Gruppe Technik will hold the Pool Introduction, which you have to attend to get a CL account. We will publish the link to the conference room and other relevant […]

Elections to Senate and Faculty Council: What’s next?

You have requested your postal voting documents? Great¹. You already received them? Even better². You now ask yourself, whom and how to vote? Then this article is for you. Elections to the Faculty Council You have 8 votes which you can use to choose how the 8 seats in the Faculty Council (Info page of […]

Information for Coli Freshers: Freshers’ Day 2020

Dear Coli Freshers, thank you for your participation and patience. We hope that the information and interaction provided were helpful. If you have any feedback or unanswered questions contact us. If you would like having a mentor guiding you please leave us your details on this page. You can find the presentation about your new […]

Freshers’ Breakfast (2019-10-11)

Dear Coli Freshers,We are happy to invite you to our traditional Freshers’ Breakfast with champagne, waffles (vegan!) and exclusive infos about you new favourite field of study! Mark the 11th of October in your calendars! Feel welcomed in SR3, which is in the building INF327, where our breakfast takes place. The day is rounded out with even more light entertainment (and […]

Election Results: Institute and Student Council

Another semester dead in the water and one could, with all that unseemly happiness about the lecture free time going around, forget that there were some elections going on this past semester! So here we are, announcing the winners in the proper format: The new Council of Computational Linguistics Students (Fachschaftsrat):Atila Martens (37)Marvin Koß (34)Kieu […]

Invitation to Plenary Meeting for 2018-09-06

Dear Coli Students, the next plenary meeting for the coli student body takes place Thursday, the 6th of September at 4pm. We meet at the computer pool, from where we’ll search for a suitable room. The agenda includes the following items: 1. Sommerfest debriefing 2. Freshers breakfast 3. Coli Weekend 4. Till and the Student […]

Call for Postcards

The first weeks of the semester break are over. Relax well, recharge your batteries for the next semester and enjoy your free time. And if you feel like it, send a postcard from your vacation to the Fachschaft (institute address, z.H. Fachschaft), so that we can hang up some new ones in the pool.

Sommerfest 26. July 2019

Dear Colis, Colleagues, Alumni and Friends, your Fachschaft invites you to this year’s Sommerfest on July 26th, 18:00 at the botanic garden.Cheap drinks and BBQ opportunities will be provided, just as some light musical entertainment.Water is free.So bring your vegan sausages, cutlery and silverware, a small donation for the garden (1-2 Euros) and a good […]

Results for the CL Institute and Student Elections 2018

Dear Colis, the election results for Fachrat and Fachschaftsrat 2018 are here! The following election result was achieved with 15.91% voter turnout: Fachrat 2018 – 3 Members Simon Will Maja Hoffmann Victor Zimmermann Fachschaftsrat 2018 – 7 Members Simon Will – 57 votes Maja Hoffmann – 51 votes Victor Zimmermann – 47 votes Anne-Kathrin Bugert […]