General information

For more general questions you will surely find an answer in the FAQ on the institute page, of course you can also contact us directly.

The Fachschaft

The Fachschaft actually consists of all students, but colloquially we mean the active, committed part. As a Fachschaft we represent the interests of the Colis. We organise student council meetings and ensure that their resolutions are implemented. In addition, we keep an eye on the curriculum and, where necessary, mediate between students and lecturers. We also organise parties and excursions.

Each Coli is welcome to attend the student assembly (Fachschaftsvollversammlung) meetings (without obligation) to bring a matter closer – or simply to listen and/or to participate in the discussion.

We meet once a week during the lecture period at Fachschaft room. The current times can be found in the blog.

The student council room is quite far away from the center of the Coli life (pool), so it happens that the meeting is moved near the pool. Just have a look in the pool, there is a sign where we are at the moment.

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