Marked in red

  1. Institute for Computational Linguistics, Im Neuenheimer Feld 325 (our home!)
  2. Im Neuenheimer Feld 328 (where many first semester courses take place)
  3. University library branch Neuenheimer Feld
  4. Mathematikon (Computer science courses have their home here)

Marked in yellow

  1. Central canteen
  2. Café Botanik
  3. Bar 133

Marked in blue

A few relevant bus and tram stops from which you can quickly get to the campus by foot.

Additional maps for the entire university are available on this website.

The route to the Fachschaft room (INF 327 / R 204)
[In 11 easy steps]

CIP-Pool in INF 325

We start at the CIP-Pool. Then up the stairs.

Flur in INF 325

Follow the hallway to the GT.

Flur in Richtung 306

At the GT you take the corridor to INF 306.

Drucker in INF 306

What’s at the end of the printer hall in INF 306?

Treppe in INF 306

Yes! The stairs to…

Tür zum 2. OG

…the second floor.

Eingang in INF 327

Through these very trustworthy doors…

Flur in INF 327

…turn left through this equally trustworthy hallway.

Ein weiterer Flur in INF 327

One more turn to the right.

Flur zum FS-Raum

Through this hallway.


We arrived at the glorious Fachschaft room (R 204)!
Hopefully we’ll meet you there 🙂