Mailing lists

Fachschaft and institute operate a few mailing lists which you can sign up for. You’ll then receive occasional mails about the topics below.


We use the mailing list misc@cl to distribute different more or less interesting news with more or less relevance to university matters. Examples include mails about students’ initiatives, talks, workshops, studies, offers or conferences.

Preferably register using your address, because it will get you auto-approved as list member.


The institute and we use the mailing list jobs@cl to distribute job offers especially relevant for computational linguists.


Your Coli studies come to a close after 6 to 16 semesters and you still could not get enough? Sign up for the alumni@cl mailing list to get notified about upcoming events like the Sommerfest and the Jahresabschlussfeier, where you get to comfortably reminisce and/or question your life choices.

Remember that your institute email address will get deleted (probably), so preferably register with a different email.