Fakultätsrat (Faculty Council)

Faculty Council – what’s this now?

The Faculty Council (abbreviated FakRat, short for Fakultätsrat) is like the Fachrat on a grand scale. It advises on the interests of the individual subjects and the associated institutes of the entire Faculty of Modern Philology.


Who’s on the faculty council?

In the faculty council sit above all the faculty board (i.e. our dean Mr Riecke and other important people) and all professors of the faculty.
In addition 5 employees, 3 representatives of the administration and technology are elected, and – very important for us – 8 elected student representatives.

The term of office of the students is one year. Since October 2018 Victor Zimmermann sits on the faculty council for our Fachschaft.

As an advisory and preparatory body, the Academic Commission also meets in the week before a Faculty Council meeting, where there are an additional 4 student places. For the Computational Linguistics Students Daniel Schubert fills one of these places.

What does the faculty council do?

The Faculty Council meets three times a semester. The tasks include:

  • Establishment and closure of study programmes
  • occupation of professorships
  • Review of the allocation of funds within the subjects
  • Adjustment of the curriculum


How can I join in?

The elections to the faculty councils are announced university-wide by e-mail. It is then up to us students to work out an election proposal. If you want to participate in the faculty council, please contact the faculty council or directly the person who organizes the election proposal.


Information about the current FakRat members…

…can be found on the website of the Modern Languages Faculty.