Fachschaft (Students)

The “Fachschaft Computerlinguistik” is all of you: The term “Fachschaft” (of a subject) addresses everyone studying this subject (regardless of percentage).

This means you don’t have to do anything to become a part of the Fachschaft and you also can’t do anything against: As soon and as long you’re studying Computational Linguistics here, you are part of the Fachschaft.

“Aktive Fachschaft”

Usually, the term “Fachschaft” is used differently from the formally correct way: If someone talks about the “Fachschaft”, most of the time they mean the group of people that are highly involved in the Fachschaft. We will now call this group the “aktive Fachschaft”.

The “aktive Fachschaft” is no formally defined term and its members are not officially noted down anywhere – they are just the people that decided to dedicate a part of their time for the Fachschaft (i.e. all students).

How do I become a part of the “aktive Fachschaft”?

There is no formal procedure to become a member of the “aktive Fachschaft”, because formally, the “aktive Fachschaft” doesn’t even exist.

If you want to donate some of your time, or just want to have a look, come to one of our weekly “Fachschaftsvollversammlung” (students assembly). The assembly is open to any Fachschaft members, but de facto you’ll mostly find the “aktive Fachschaft” in those meetings.

There you can learn everything you need to participate in the “aktive Fachschaft”. And if something’s not clear to you, just ask, we’ll happily explain 🙂

We (the “aktive Fachschaft”) would be happy to welcome you in our meetings!


A lot of people from the “aktive Fachschaft” can be reached using the mailing list

You also want to be a part of the mailing list? Then just ask in the Vollversammlung, where we can quickly add you.