Fachschaftsrat (Student Council)

The Fachschaftsratl deals with all matters concerning the subject, the students and the institute: It organizes “Sommerfest” and “Winterfeier” and other events such as film evenings or the freshers introduction.

The Fachschaftsrat also serves as private point of contact for students with problems and mediates between students and the institute administration.

Who’s in it?

The Fachschaftsrat is formed by a maximum of seven elected members of the Fachschaft¹.
They are elected to this honorary office for a legislative period of one year.

The current members are:

  • Trang
  • Atila
  • Leander
  • Merit
  • Lars
  • Soraya
  • Hannes

When are the meetings?

As a rule, the date changes every semester (please note announcements by e-mail and information on the Fachschaftsrat page). The meetings take place weekly during the lecture period. The place is either the sofa corner in the pool, in good weather in the Botanik or in the Fachschaft room in INF 327, 2. OG. Since especially the latter is well hidden, the meeting point for each session is always in advance in the CIP pool in INF325.

Currently, the meetings are held digitally using StuRaKonf.

Whom should I contact?

Almost always, the sessions are Fachschaftvollversammlungen (general assemblies), i.e. they are open to all members of the Fachschaft. So if you have a topic you want to discuss, just come to the meeting!

¹ “Fachschaft” is here meant in the formal sense, referring to all people studying Computational Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg. Most members of the “Fachschaftsrat” were in the “aktive Fachschaft” before, but that’s not a formal requirement.