Fachschaftsrat (Student Council)

The Student Council is the elected representation of the computational linguistics students vis-à-vis the institute.

Together with the “Aktive Fachschaft”¹, it deals with everything related to computational linguistics that is relevant to us students, such as organising parties and first days, but also mediating in conflicts between the institute and students.

In addition, the Student Council provides a private contact point for students and can represent the computational linguistics students in official contexts. It is also formally responsible for organising the general assemblies and making sure that the decisions made there are implemented.

Who’s in it?

A maximum of seven elected members of the Computational Linguistics students (the formal “Fachschaft Computerlinguistik“²) sit on the Student Council. They are elected to this honorary position for a legislative period of one year.

The current members (term of office: Summer Semester 2024 and Winter Semester 2024/2025) are:

  • Alejandro
  • Elias
  • Elizaveta
  • Florenis
  • Maya
  • Rebecca
  • Yi Wan


The elected members of the Student Council can be reached at

¹ This refers to all Computational Linguistics students who are committed to their fellow students, regardless of whether they have been elected to a specific position or not – more on this term in this article.

² This simply means all Computational Linguistics students (which is the formally correct definition of the term “Fachschaft Computerlinguistik”). Some members of the Student Council have already been active before their election, but this is not a must – you can also start your involvement directly with the election to an office without any problems.

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