During your Coli studies you encounter many difficulties of theoretical and technical nature. Thankfully there is the world wide web with a multitude of resources which can help you with dealing with these difficulties.
This list is an attempt to give an overview over those resources, many of which we already profited of.
There are different kinds of resources:

Coli Infrastructure

Version Control

Since git is the most used version control system today the Gruppe Technik maintains a GitLab instance. GitLab is similar to GitHub. You can create your own projects and collaborate.

Corpora, Parser etc.

The Wiki page for available resources explains everything necessary. (At least in German.)


Student- and Open-for-students servers:

GT Tutorial

The Gruppe Technik has many interesting facts about infrastructure on their Wiki page (in German).

Coli News

Web Tools

Tutorials and Overviews

Programming and Automation


Even though Shell (and especially Bash) are important for daily data processing and programming tasks, there is no introduction into the field (except the resource course). Private study is recommended.

Computational Linguistics


Python Libraries

Here are a few interesting libraries, so you don’t have to implement them yourselves.

String Matching

Language Detection

Statistical Modules

Text Processing



Deep Learning

Text Extraction

Horny Shit