Your studies are coming to an end after 6 to 16 semesters and you still haven’t had enough? Then you might be interested in the following offers, which enable you to stay in contact with other alumni, the university and us.

Mail address

Heidelberg Alumni International will provide you with a free email address, which you can use if you need to prove your affiliation with Heidelberg University after your studies. Since CL addresses are (usually) deleted after exmatriculation, it is advisable to apply for an alumni address (by the way, this can also be done during your studies).

The registration is done comfortably via an online form, just remember to select “Please assign me my lifelong Heidelberg University Alumni e-mail address.”

Chat room

Just as there is the “Heimelige Online-Pool” for current Colis, there is the “Online-Café Botanik” for former Colis. The room is hosted by the chat platform of the student council, Mattermost, which, unlike heiCHAT, does not require a Uni-ID to use.

To register, you need an email address at Uni Heidelberg, which can be your address if you still have it, or an address.

You don’t have a Uni Heidelberg email address, but you still want to chat with us?
Contact us and we will find a solution 🙂

Mailing list

Besides the chat room there is also a classical mailing list, which is mainly used to send announcements, for example invitations to summer and winter parties.

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