Coli Weekend

Wouldn’t it be great to get to know your fellow students, the Fachschaft, but also your major in a casual setting at a cool location … Wait! That’s possible!

The Coli Weekend was created right for this objective!

To meet this end, we (the Fachschaft) take you on a trip a few weeks after semester start, Friday to Sunday, to a cool location, like the Nibelungenturm in Worms.

In a rather merry atmosphere you get to know the group in a casual setting and share the newest gossip circulating at our institute. In order to prevent boredom we offer you a broad program, ranging from karaoke to lindy-hop workshops and hypnosis shows.

You get cooked for, without a care in the world, except to have a good time!

Past event locations

In Winter Semester 2019/20, Coli Weekend took place from 2019, November 15th to 17th in Neunkirchen (AWO-Freizeitheim).

The Coli Weekend in the Summer Semester 2020 had to be cancelled due to a global health crisis.