Coli Weekend

If only there was a way to get to know your fellow students, the student council and your subject in a cosy atmosphere at a cool place …

Hey, wait a minute! It’s possible! For this very purpose, we organise the Coli Weekend a few weeks after the start of the semester and travel from Friday to Sunday to interesting places like the ones listed below.

In the course of this event, you get to know the group in a relaxed way and can find out the latest gossip from the institute. To make sure you don’t get bored either, we offer a varied programme, including getting-to-know-you activities, suggestions for new hobbies and also short lectures relevant to your studies. In the past, there was everything from geocaching to a dance workshop to a hypnosis performance.

The food is cooked for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything except having a good time!


Winter Semester 2024/2025Gerhart-Hauptmann-Haus, Grasellenbach2024-11-08/10
Summer Semester 2024Ferienkolonie St. Georg, Heiligkreuzsteinach2024-06-07/09
Winter Semester 2023/2024Nibelungenturm, Worms2023-11-24/26
Summer Semester 2023CVJM-Waldheim, Heidelberg2023-06-02/04
Winter Semester 2022/2023Nibelungenturm, Worms2022-11-18/20
Summer Semester 2022AWO-Freizeitheim, Neunkirchen2022-05-06/08
Summer Semester 2021CVJM-Waldheim, Heidelberg2021-09-03/05
Winter Semester 2019/2020AWO-Freizeitheim, Neunkirchen2019-11-15/17
Summer Semester 2019TREFFpunkt Meckse, Meckesheim2019-05-24/26

You want to go even further into the past? In the wiki you can find a list of past Coli Weekends back to Winter Semester 2011.

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