Fachrat (Institute Council)

In the Institute Council, all status groups of our subject, i.e. professors, students, staff, secretariat and IT, come together and discuss subject-related topics, for example:

  • Revision of the examination regulations and the module handbook
  • Use of resources and spaces for study
  • Planning and evaluation of the teaching programme
  • Wishes of the students

The Institute Council meets once or twice a semester and is only an advisory body; binding decisions can only be made in the next higher body, the Faculty Council. Nevertheless, it is the body in which subject-related wishes or suggestions from us students are most likely to be heard and perhaps also to succeed.

Who sits on the Institute Council?

In addition to the three professors of our institute, there are two academic staff members, two representatives of administration and technology, and also three elected students on the subject council. These positions have a term of office of one year.

At the moment,our members in the Institute Council are (term of office: Summer Semester 2022 and Winter Semester 2022/2023):

  • Jakob
  • Trang
  • Dana

How can I participate?

The election takes place once a year and will be announced in good time together with a call for candidates. We are happy about every candidate!

By the way, the institute council is an ideal body to get started in committee work, as it meets only rarely and requires correspondingly little work.

More info…

…can be found on the StuRa page!

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