Freshers’ Timetables

We try to upload a timetable here every semester with courses relevant for first-year students. The timetable is, of course, non-binding – use it or don’t, it’s up to you. Important to know: The tutorial dates are all alternative dates, i.e. you only need to attend one tutorial per lecture. The lectures, on the other hand, cover new material on each date, so you should be there every time.

PDF file, approx. 100 KiB

The timetable is still for last semester, can you update it?

Yes, we will do that. Normally we always update the timetable for the Freshers’ Days, i.e. shortly before lectures start. The timetable should be available by that day.

What are all the lectures about?

You can find a brief explanation of what most of the standard lectures at the institute are about in our (German) article “Per Anhalter durch das Bachelor-Studium”.

I’m in a higher semester, do you have a timetable for me?

Not a timetable, but an interactive course guide (German). There you will find the lectures recommended for your semester, unfortunately you will have to find the dates yourself.

Do you provide the source code for the timetable?

Yes, in our GitLab repository Fachschaft / Ersti-Handout you will find the LaTeX source code from which we generate the timetable offered here. Feel free to adjust and use it for your purposes 🙂

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