Im Neuenheimer Feld 325
69120 Heidelberg


1. Floor
Im Neuenheimer Feld 325
69120 Heidelberg

Digital Mailbox

You can contact the Fachschaft (fs-coli) with your concerns. The fs-coli list contains quite a few people; it is intended for general enquiries and suggestions. If you have personal matters on your mind that you don’t want to share with every Tom, Dick and Harry, it’s best to write them to the Fachschaftsrat (student council). Then only the elected members can read it.

Fachschaft: fs-coli[at]
Fachschaftsrat: fachschaftsrat[at]

How to find us

By car: (Whole route here)
Take exit Heidelberg on the A5 to B37
Continue on Bergheimer Straße
Turn left onto Iqbal-Ufer
Keep right onto Vangerowstraße
Over the Ernst-Waltz-Bridge on Berliner Straße
At the stop Technologiepark turn left onto Im Neuenheimer Feld
Turn left in front of Kopfklinik and drive through barrier and turn left in front of INF 365 or park in the parking lot of Kopfklinik

By public transport:
At the central station take tram 21 or 24 in the direction of Hans-Thoma-Platz to the stop Bunsengymnasium.
Then turn left and follow the footpath past the sign.
Walk between the Mensa and INF 305, then INF 325 is on the right hand side.
At the central station, take bus no. 32 in the direction of Neuenheimer Feld to the Uni-Campus stop.
Then follow the road to the right and turn left after the Mensa. INF 325 is on the right hand side.

At Bismarckplatz take bus line 31 in the direction of Chirurgische Klinik to the Bunsengymnasium stop.
Then walk past the Mathematikon into the Neuenheimer Feld.