About us

Abbildung der Mitglieder (Lars, Merit, Trang, Timothy, Mattea, Stella) des Fachschaftsrates 2021 in einer Videokonferenz
From left to right: Lars, Merit, Trang, Timothy, Mattea, Stella
Always with us: Jakob, Max, Dominik, Katha, Jasmin, Aaron, Hannes, Aileen, Sam and many more…

We represent all Computational Linguistics students, have an eye on the curriculum, mediate between students and teachers if necessary and assist you with your study-related questions. Furthermore, we organise parties, freshers’ days and similar activities like the famous Coli Weekend.

We are „chaired“ by the Fachschaftsrat (Students’ Council), which is elected for one year. However, you neither need to be elected nor assume any official responsibilities if you want to participate – just visit us at one of your weekly general assemblies or contact us, we can sort out everything else together.

You can always contact us via mail at, in the (Online) Pool or at the general assemblies.

If you want to take a look at our history, feel free to browse our history book.

Image sources: Microphone by Adrien Coquet from the Noun ProjectPhone by Alice Design from the Noun ProjectVideo by satria icon from the Noun Project