Left to right: Till Nocher, Katharina Korfhage, Maja Hoffmann, Simon Will, Victor Zimmermann, Anne-Kathrin Bugert, Oliver Singler
Always present: Christoph Schaller, Steffen Knapp, Atila Martens, Daniel Schubert, Bente Nittka, Michael Staniek

As Fachschaftsrat (student council) we represent the interests of Colis in Heidelberg. We organise Fachschaftsvollversammlungen (general assembly) and execute their decisions. We also have an eye on the curriculum an mediate – if necessary – between students and teachers. Additionally we organise parties and similar activities.

Members of the Fachschaftsrat are elected for two semesters. You can contact us either through the Fachschaftsvollversammlung (check you emails for invitations), in the computer pool or through fs-coli@cl.uni-heidelberg.de, members of the Fachschaftsrat can be contacted directly under fachschaftsrat@cl.uni-heidelberg.de.

If you want to take a look at our history, you could browse through our history book.