Coli Merch Drop #1 now available!

Update (2024-01-10): The merch is available again (and will hopefully remain so), see announcement “Coli Merch Drop #1 available again”.

You can order T-shirts, bags and aprons from now until 2023-12-22. You can find the shop and all offers here:

We have opted for the Seedshirt platform. The process works like this:

  1. You can order merch until 2023-12-22. Seedshirt collects these orders.
  2. After 2023-12-22, the orders will be printed once in a large batch.
  3. At the end of printing, Seedshirt will send the orders directly to your home (probably sometime in January).

A T-shirt costs €24.95 including shipping, the shipping costs are €5.95. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the shipping price and would therefore advise you to get together in small groups, order together and then take care of the distribution of the goods yourself. To support this, we will give you the shipping costs for a purchase value of €57 or more (three T-shirts), simply use the voucher code coliktion-prime.

To answer perhaps the most important question right away: there will most likely still be merch available after 2023-12-22 (unless the whole campaign goes so badly now we all just give up in frustration). We have decided in favor of this form of campaign for the time being, as it is more economical for us (i.e. otherwise the items would be more expensive ;)).

If you have questions or comments, you can always reach us at

Happy shopping!

Questions and Problems

Where can I enter a voucher code?

As soon as you’ve gone to checkout, you will find a link titled “Redeem a voucher code” below the “Place Your Order” button. After clicking there, a text field will appear in which you can enter your voucher code.

Attention: Enter the voucher code before entering your address data! After entering the voucher code, the address data will be deleted.

I want to buy several products, but my shopping cart keeps disappearing!

Seedshirt models the shopping cart per product, so you can buy different colors of the same T-shirt, but not different T-shirts in the same order.

This is especially a problem if you want to use the free shipping for group orders, but your group wants different T-shirts. If this applies to you, please contact us by email ( and we will find a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience – we only found out about the problem when we had already started the campaign.