Election Results: Institute and Student Council

Another semester dead in the water and one could, with all that unseemly happiness about the lecture free time going around, forget that there were some elections going on this past semester! So here we are, announcing the winners in the proper format:

The new Council of Computational Linguistics Students (Fachschaftsrat):
Atila Martens (37)
Marvin Koß (34)
Kieu Trang Nguyen Vu (34)
Lasse Becker-Czarnetzki (32)
Daaje Meiners (32)
Benjamin Beilharz (27)

Votes in brackets after the candidates

The new student members of the Institute Council (Fachrat):
Laura Zeidler (32)
Kieu Trang Nguyen Vu (20)
Atila Martens (17)

Votes in brackets after the candidates

The official tally can be found here (Fachrat) and here (Fachschaftsrat).

We wish all new council members the best of luck and fun in the upcoming meetings and we celebrate the continuation of our Fachschaft.