USB Sticks (Merch Drop #3)

There’s a third merch drop! We are selling USB sticks with Robobert lasered into them (and an almost helpful message against the curse that you always have to turn USB-A plugs at least once before they fit). To make this economically viable for us, however, we have to produce at least 25 sticks.

That’s why the sticks are only available for a limited time and on pre-order. So if you want a stick, now is your (potentially only) chance to get one.

All further details (price, size, process, etc.) can be found in the pre-order form:

Pre-order USB sticks until June 6, 2024 at

Are you less in the mood for sticks and more for mugs, T-shirts, bags, bottles or aprons? Then check out the, which is open around the clock and contains all the products from Drops #1 and #2.

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