(Update) Aftermaths of Freshers’ Day: Next steps

Updated on 2021-10-18.

Dear Coli Freshers,

thank you all for participating in the Freshers’ Day! We hope the day was just as great for you as it was for us 😊

We have a few pieces of information for you to make your start into the lecture phase as smooth as possible:

  1. This week, you will be contacted by the teachers of the Computational Linguistics courses you registered for with further details.
    As stated, a registration is not a commitment, so you can always decide not to participate in a given course even after registering for it without any negative consequences. We sadly only have a course guide for Bachelor students (which is only available in German), but if you are a Master student and have questions about which courses to choose, you can always contact us or the institute’s Study Advisors.
  2. No regular Computational Linguistics courses will take place this week, but for Bachelor students, there is a introductory week from the lecture „Einführung in die Computerlinguistik“ which we can highly recommend. Furthermore, the lectures of most other institutes (e.g. Computer Science) will also already start this week.
  3. Please write an email to with your personal data to get a limited CL account (see the technical introduction slides for a list of the things we need). Remember to regularly check your university and your CL mails (you can set up an redirect for that if necessary). You will receive further information on the pool test over the course of this week.
  4. We will upload the materials distributed on the Freshers’ Day into the Moodle course: „CL-Organisation Wintersemester 2021/2022“ (this is the same place where you registered for your courses). We will try to make them available in English as well.

If you don’t have a Uni ID, you cannot access Moodle yet. In this case we’d recommend that you contact the teachers directly, state that you don’t have Moodle access and want to participate in the course. And then just come to the course 🙂 We are certain that your fellow students can forward you all the materials distributed via Moodle until you receive your Uni ID.

If there was anything you particularly liked or disliked of the Freshers’ Day, or if you have questions, problems, wishes, worries, suggestions or simply want to talk, please feel free to contact us at

Kind regards

Fachschaft Computerlinguistik