(Update) Freshers’ Day Summer Semester 2021

On April 9th, 2020 from 10:00–16:00, the Fachschaft hosts a Digital Freshers’ Day for all Computational Linguistics freshmen (Bachelor or Master). As part of this event, the Gruppe Technik will hold the Pool Introduction, which you have to attend to get a CL account.

The Freshers’ Day will be held using the digital conference platform of the Universität Heidelberg, heiCONF. The link to the conference room can be found in a course of our learning platform, Moodle: CL-Organisation Sommersemester 2021.

Please follow the linked instructions to enroll in the organization course and attain the heiCONF room link. Next Friday, you’ll have to do nothing apart from opening that link in your browser on time.

If you are unable to enroll, e.g. because you don’t have a Uni-ID yet, please contact us at If you have any other problems or questions, please also do not hesitate to contact us.

So long and stay safe,
Your Coli-Fachschaft 😊🍍