(3rd Update) Freshers’ Day Winter Semester 2021/2022

3rd update: We will meet at the following location:

On Friday, the 15th of October at 10:00 a.m. the Fachschaft hosts a Freshers’ Day for all Computational Linguistics freshers (Bachelor or Master). As part of this event, the Gruppe Technik will hold the Pool Introduction, which you have to attend to get a CL account.

We will meet at building 325, Im Neuenheimer Feld. Follow this link for tips how to get there: There will be some waymarks as well so you won‘t get lost ☺️
We provide a shared breakfast Sadly, neither eating nor drinking is permitted indoors. Therefore we will provide some snacks for you, which you can eat during the tour of the Theoretikum. Around noon we wil eat together in the canteen. In the afternoon we plan to do a scavenger hunt and eat dinner at Marstall. So please keep your entire day free of any other appointments (if possible).

Important: The 3G rule is in effect, which means that we need to see proof that you are fully vaccinated, recovered, or at least have a negative test result on arrival.

If you plan on participating or have any questions we ask you to write us a (non-binding) email to

So long and stay safe,
Your Coli-Fachschaft 😊