Well, it’s election time again

Currently, there are several elections coming up that are relevant for us Colis. Conveniently, all of them are conducted online, and for some of them there is actually real competition for the seats (and for the others, the goal would still be to get the highest voter turnout in the university). Voting takes place in two places, once in the university’s election portal, once in the StuRa’s election portal. You can vote until Monday, 2022-06-13, 11:00 am, in the StuRa’s election portal even until Tuesday, 2022-06-14, 12:00.

Important: There are currently four elections in two different platforms. So you have to log in at two different places (election portal of the university and election portal of the StuRa) to vote in all elections.

Faculty Council of the “Neuphilologische Fakultät”

Can appoint new professors, change examination regulations (including ours!) and thus determine what our course of studies looks like. Also point of contact for us in case of problems that cannot be solved within the institute.

8 student seats, 12 candidates (from all majors of the faculty) – so your vote makes the difference!

More about the Faculty Council


Central and very high body of the university (its importance can be seen from the magnificent hall in which it meets).

Similarly to the list seats in the StuRa, here you usually vote for lists that are close to a political party, so we would recommend the same resources as in the right column for your information.

4 student seats, many candidates.

More about the Senate
Picture of the magnificent hall

Current turnout (German)

Computational Linguistic member of the StuRa

Sits for us in the StuRa and reports to us about all important and less important things that happen there. They can also vote on our behalf and raise issues that require the full force of the student body to solve.

1 seat, 1 candidate. (will we still manage the 30% voter turnout?)

More about the StuRa

List positions for university groups in the StuRa

In addition to student council members, there are also list positions in the StuRa. Candidates are organized in mostly party-affiliated lists and represent positions on general university policy issues (and sometimes beyond).

The StuRa itself offers a lot of information on this topic, but we would especially like to recommend the Studi-O-Mat.

Number of seats depends on turnout, very many candidates.

Studi-O-Mat (German)

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